This is The "Mayweather Live" Show!!! Montage

Log line:
As health, religion, sexuality and the entertainment industry become growing issues across the world, young Mayweather seeks the controversy and excitement in each of them by traveling the United States which leads him to fear, joy, sorrow, education, and inspiration.

Show Topics:

-Life of The Blind
-Spiritual Adviser Beyond Psychic
-Truth About HIV & STD’s
-Boxing Mayweather vs Blue Incredible
-Homeless In America
-What is Voodoo
-Why Women Like Women
-School of Human Flight Skydiving
-Life of A Drug Dealer and Crack Addict
-Tapping Into Meditation
-Prostitution Online in America
-Celebrity Lifestyle on Tour
-Fit in 30 Minutes at Home
-What May or May Not be in Bible
-What is Rape
-What is Fencing
-Homosexuality Uncut

Agent The “Mayweather Live” Show original TV program:

Christine Ponthieux
Benz Model & Talent Agency
Office: 813-242-4400
Fax: 813-241-4500

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Cast: Mayweather Live

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