The Skydiving Magician – Vanishing silk

This is a classic magic trick performed while skydiving. I had this parachute jump filmed in Hungary. We jumped in tandem from 3800 meters high, and this was my first jump ever.
My name is Csirmaz András, I’m a professional magician from Hungary. As far as I know, this is the first time, a magician performs this trick on camera while skydiving, and I know for sure, that I was the second person ever, to jump in a suit in Hungary. The first one was the camera man not so long ago. 🙂

My tandem pilot was Horváth Róbert, and the film was shot by Sziklai Zsolt.

Visit for more information about me, and for information about skydiving in Hungary.

Music: Ugress – Win without triumph

Cast: Csirmaz András bűvész

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