Free Fallers by ChilliJuice – Extended Cut

Free Fallers by ChilliJuice - Extended Cut

Menacing machines are moving in to destroy the pandas’ pad, so the animals have come up with a crazy but effective plan to eliminate them: jump out of the sky and crush the bulldozers from above! But, they need YOU to guide them on their mission…draw flight paths for these skydiving animals and help them crush the invaders down below. Be sure to pop those parachutes though!

•Easy to start playing? OH YEAH – just swipe – tap – swipe – easy peasy!

•Learn how to use the team of different characters to CRUSH most effectively
•8 increasingly challenging levels to entertain both you and your fingertips!
•Earn huge points with continuous and stylish crushes
•Higher level = greater score reward
•Awesome juicy landscapes unlocked if you can finely hone those skills
•Fully integrated with OpenFeint leader boards and points – share your achievements on Facebook plus check scores against other gamers worldwide

Your fingers will burn with excitement as more and more skydivers join the mission!

Available on iTunes

Cast: ChilliJuice

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