Short Film on a Journey I took to Boulder Colorado in order to become a better film maker and skier.

The School I attended was Serac Adventure Film School. We Spent four days in the Colorado backcountry; snow camping, skiing, hiking, avalanche safety training, and filming. We then headed into Boulder Colorado for some bat cave editing.

Skydiving and BASE jumping scenes were shot on the Sony CX-100 and the Gopro Hero HD.

First skiing shot through the woods was in 24p, all other ski shots were in 60p

50mm 1.4

I used the Marvel Cine Picture Style for all shots on the 7D.

Camp fire scene shot with an ISO of 2000
Janets Cabin scenes were shot with an ISO of 800
I was using a Red Rock Micro Capt. Stubling with Follow Focus.

Cast: On Scope Productions LLC.

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