Bridge Day 2011 with Red Bull Air Force

Bridge Day, in Fayetteville West Virginia is the coolest event in the whole wide world and I was lucky enough to be invited to jump off the 874ft New River Gorge bridge with 3 of the industry’s most talented jumpers; Chris Santacroce, Charles Bryan and Othar Lawrence. As a non- Red Bull athlete, I was honored to be selected as a pinch hitter and wear the Red Bull Air Force jersey for a day. The bridge is HUGE. a very high quality jump. You can do whatever you want off it and if the Bull ever calls again, I will give em the old “Put Me In Coach!” I also decided this was the perfect occasion to jump the very last of Shane McConkey’s parachute pack jobs. I borrowed an old Red Bull logo’d base rig of his that was lying around, still packed, and kicked off the day by jumping it while filming a tandem base jump. Thanks for loaning it to me Sherry!

Cast: Tim Dutton

Tags: Bridge Day, BASE jumping, Red Bull, Red Bull Air Force, skydiving and JT Holmes

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