Anuloma Viloma – Alternate nostril breathing

Anuloma Viloma: two rounds of 20, work up to two rounds of 40.
Inhale left, blocking the right nostril, then block the left nostril and exhale forcibly through the right. Alternate.
Opens right and left cornary arteries, aka, “cardiopulmonary plumbing.”
Makes the mind quiet.
Cleans all 72,000 nadis.
Massages liver, spleen, and right and left heart chambers.
Balances blood pressure.
Improves lymphatic circulation.
Mediastinal and cervical lymph nodes empty.
Balance left and right brain hemispheres.
Opens the diencephalons, the primordial brain where past life experiences are stored.
Benefits the nervous system.
You get the benefit of two miles of running!

Cast: Mark Kinder

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